Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Materials for Finals

1. Chapter 2: Section 2: Digestive system (book pages, 47-53) 2. Chapter 3: Sections 1 and 2: Circulatory system (book pages (64-72 and pages 74-75) 3. Chapter 4: Section 1: Respiratory system (book pages 92-96) Also study notes on copybook/handouts, sheets/exercises done in class, section assessment, chapter assessment, and review tests and quizzes. Students should be able to: - handle multiple choices, fill in the blanks, and true and false questions - compare and contrast - relate structure to function - analyze and interpret diagrams - labeling figures - draw conclusions and infer - answer a question using scientific terminology Good Luck:)

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Digestive System

Dear Students,
This week we are starting with the digestive system. You need to neatly draw, color and label the digestive system on an A4 sheet.
This drawing is due by next week.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Food labels

Dear Students,
Our last section about nutrition is to study food labels. Please make sure to bring with you a packed snack that you usually eat, such as healthy bars, juices, or samples of unhealthy snacks that you eat as well.
Thank you.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Material for test

Dear students,
Please make sure that you review the nutrition section from page 36 until page 44. In addition your notes and sheets that were discussed in class as well.
Work hard and do your best.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Graph Analysis

Dear students,
A sample answer to the question in the test about anlayzing a graph. Make sure to review it and improve your analytical skill.

Graph Analysis: Changes in Hormone Levels during the Menstrual Cycle
Hormone levels in blood vs. days
1. Estrogen:
During stage A (day1-day 6): from day 1 till day 6, estrogen levels in blood are relatively low and constant. At day 7 a sharp increase in estrogen blood levels.
During stage B (day 7-day 13): At day 11 estrogen blood levels peek (reaching highest amount) and start to gradually decline from day 12 till day14
Stage C (day14): At day 14 estrogen levels start to increase slightly and consistently until day 24 reaching a second but lower peek.
Stage D (day 15-28): after the 24th day a slight decrease in estrogen level until day 28th but still above initial levels.
2. Progesterone:
During stage A (day1-day 6): Very low levels of progesterone in this stage
During stage B (day 7-day 13): Progesterone levels start to increase slightly at day 13.
Stage C (day14): At day 15 a sharp increase in progesterone levels reaching its peek at day 23
Stage D (day 15-28): A rapid decline from day 24 till day 28 reaching initial levels of progesterone hormone in the blood as day 1.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

review material

Dear Students,
The material included for the test assigned on January 20th is:
-Section 3: pages 157-160 and page 164:(Adolescence)
-Review menstrual cycle(from blog) and male and female reproductive systems
-Review sheets and notes given as supplementary work.
Do your best:)

We are starting a new chapter for the coming weeks:
Nutrition:pages 36-43

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Fetal Development

Dear students,
A small homework: Mini Lab on page 160
Draw graph and answer the questions
Due: next week